Sha’ar’s uniqueness is that we recognize that people journey towards Judaism and spirituality differently. This is why we offer multiple gateways for people to pass through on their journey, and why we are very excited to introduce  Sha’ar Shirah (“Gate of Song”)!

We understand that many of our members and guests are not familiar with our melodies, or are less comfortable with the Hebrew. In an effort to bridge this gap, and to make our prayers more accessible and participatory, Rabbi Adina Lewittes, accompanied by Dan Nadel on guitar and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion, joined forces to create a CD filled with the Shabbat melodies, rhythms and prayers of Sha’ar. Music is an important means by which we express and explore our connections to the liturgy, both its form and content. Drawn from Jewish, Israeli, and other cultural influences, our music engages our senses and energizes our prayer.

Each track is sung in such a way as to make it easy for listeners to sing along, while this booklet of transliterations enables non-Hebrew speakers to learn the words to each prayer. In addition, on most tracks, Satoshi models how the community can clap along to deepen the sounds and rhythms we can create together.

We invite everyone to walk through Sha’ar Shirah. With CD in hand (or car) enjoy our melodies, familiarize yourself with the Hebrew, or simply hum along during your commutes. Enjoy!

Rabbi Dini Lewittes and Lisa Kasdan on vocals and Dan Nadel on guitar have created a Sha’ar Shirah album recorded and mixed by David Abrams. The album is filled with music for the High Holy Days and some of our regular favorites such as Oseh Shalom, Lu Yehi and B’sheym Hashem. To listen to the tracks or to download onto a cd, mp3 player or iPod, log onto: Sha’ar Communities Gate of Song. We hope these melodies help prepare you for the High Holy Days—both for the services and for your own spiritual reflection. Our huge thanks to Lisa, Dan and David for their time and efforts and their incredible talents.

To order a Sha’ar Shirah CD and booklet of transliterations, please send an email to