Gate of Prayer (Tefillah)


Prayer at Sha’ar is musical.  It is also egalitarian, participatory, friendly, and informal.  We follow a traditional liturgy using a Siddur produced by the Conservative movement.  Each month we hold one Friday Night Live Shabbat service, and one Shabbat morning Open Minyan. We also gather for festivals and other sacred days such as Yom Hashoah and Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Holocaust Memorial Day and Israel Independence Day.  For a schedule of upcoming services, please contact us or consult the calendar.

Building on the idea that learning is also a form of prayer, our services are characterized by planned and spontaneous discussions, explanation, and commentaries, by leaders and participants alike.  By combining progressive thought with timeless tradition, our tefillah inspires both spiritual and intellectual growth.

Music is an important means by which we express and explore our connections to the liturgy, both its form and content.  Drawn from Jewish, Israeli, and other cultural influences, and played by talented musicians, our music engages our senses and energizes our prayer.

Sha’ar tefillah welcomes all.  Those with prayer experience and Hebrew facility, those without, and those in between will find their place through this gate.

Of course, children are welcome in our services.  Creating opportunities for participation at all ages and at all levels of knowledge and comfort is a pillar of Sha’ar tefillah.

The Purim Divas Band

Megillah reading 2013