Gate of Study (Limud)

Check out this flyer for more information about the 2015-2016 classes.

GoS flyer 2015A

Here is a listing of the all the scheduled classes.

GoS dates 2015

Study is a powerful way to access the riches of our tradition. It can take place in a variety of settings and ways. Whether in preparing or listening to a Dvar Torah (word of Torah) or study session, on a hike or while sharing a holiday meal, Jewish learning should be experienced in a manner that challenges the intellect and rouses the soul. Some texts and ideas are approached easily, while others require reflection. Some even demand debate. Sha’ar welcomes all questions. It is better to wrestle with our tradition than to ignore it or remain indifferent

Sha’ar offers several opportunities to explore our tradition:

  • Evening study sessions
  • Shabbat afternoon Torah study and Havdalah service
  • Torah leyning and haftarah chanting for beginners
  • Morning study sessions
  • Siddur based Hebrew reading classes