Gate of Repair (Tikkun Olam)

Gate of Repair packing up for the midnight run

Judaism rarely asks us to stand alone, beyond the context of our relationships with God, family, or community. In fact, searching to understand one’s place within community is a central theme of Judaism. But what is “community?” The definition is broad. Connections between people can be personal (friends), national (Israel, USA), or even humanitarian (relief workers). As we form relationships and create communities, at whatever level, we assume responsibility for the members of those communities.

Gate of Repair rebuilding a home devastated by hurricane Irene

And not only them. We recognize our responsibility to respond to those in need, wherever, and whoever, they may be. There are individuals and families in crisis, communities which require assistance, countries that demand our attention. It is imperative that our community be there. We believe that as we repair the world, we repair a part of ourselves.

Below is just one of our current Tikkun Olam initiatives:

Jewish National Fund

Five thousand acres, over 2 million trees have been lost. The green legacy of generations of Jews is now ashes. It will take decades to recreate what was destroyed, but we will not sit and bemoan our loss. We must take action. Operation Northern Renewal is a campaign preparing Israel for its future, rebuilding to provide hope and opportunity for our people.

Under Operation Northern Renewal’s umbrella, JNF is:

  • Fighting fires before they start, with new equipment and larger brigades.
  • Creating jobs to repair the damage in the northern forests and parks
  • Delivering scholarships to Israeli youth
  • Promoting Israel-American unity by bringing US students to the north for community service.

Sha’ar supports the work of the JNF. Click here to download a donation form.

On December 9th, 2012 we went to AFYA to help pack up medical supplies that are sent to countries around the world.

The Gate of Repair packs medical supplies at AFYA








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