About Sha’ar

Choose your Gate. Open your soul. Find your community.

A city of many gates. A community of many entries. A heart of many rooms. People are drawn to Jewish life by different values, priorities and interests, and yet they share a yearning to belong – to be part of something larger than themselves, something that inspires, informs and sanctifies their search for meaning and purpose in our fast-changing world. A desire for connection brings people to seek relationships with others rooting their lives in Jewish wisdom and tradition, and planting their souls in the nourishing soil of Jewish spirituality. Sha’ar Communities creates multiple gates (“Sha’ar” = gate) through which people can enter, explore and celebrate Jewish life.  Each revolving around a different form of Jewish practice, be it prayer, study, travel, youth adventures, lifecycle, healing or social action, our gates together offer a radically inclusive, innovative, affordable and pluralistic model for contemporary Jewish living.  Our name, Sha’ar, is formed in the singular to convey the single, sacred, center to which each of our gateways lead, and our shared commitment to raise a compelling Jewish voice with which to join the global conversation about spirituality, ethics and social responsibility in the 21st century.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, and especially seek to create inviting access into Judaism for those historically on the margins:  singles, Jews by Choice, Interfaith/multi-heritage families and individuals, Jews of color and LGBTQ Jews.

SHA’AR COMMUNITIES is a groundbreaking suburban initiative founded by Rabbi Adina Lewittes, inspired by a broad vision of Jewish renaissance, and led by a team of dedicated lay leaders.

Contact Info:

Rabbi Adina Lewittes, Founder                                                                 rabbi@shaarcommunities.org                                                                                                

Lisa Kasdan, Chair                                                                                           Ljkasdan@gmail.com                                                                                                             

Mailing address:

PO Box 1625                                                                                                                      Fort Lee, New Jersey  07024